G Songz

Songezo Gumpe well known as G Songs is a talent artist, producer and beat maker. G Songz was born in a small village (Ntabankulu) deep in the Eastern Cape. He moved to Durban where he met AJ Apple and other artists who inspired him to begin nurturing his talent.


He fell in love with producing music and decided to open his own Label titled ‘The Music’. He has since produced songs such as Phiphli Phaphla and Imbizo Trap, which features the Legendary Phuze Khemisi. He prides himself a one of South Africa’s most talented producer and versatile beat makers with the ability to create music in any genre and tailor make it for any artist.


G Songz is currently signed by Boss Entertainment, as is the Record Label’s Head Producer. He is assembling songs that he will soon be releasing as an artist. His biggest aim yet to cement his name as the greatest producer in the country and the African continent as a whole.

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